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Introducing BassKnob STD: A One-Knob Revolution For Bass Guitar!

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Introducing BassKnob STD: A One-Knob Revolution For Bass Guitar!

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BassKnob: STD gives you the best bass sound you’ve ever heard with the turn of a knob. Add full-bodied bass to your next recording, capture a quick idea in pristine quality, or just enjoy a beautiful tone for your next practice session.

A follow-up to the incredible-sounding AmpKnob RevC, BassKnob STD is the one-stop bass tone for album-ready tones created by producer Jens Bogren.

BassKnob STD provides rock and metal producers the straightest path possible from musical ideas to an album-ready bass guitar recording.

– Two channels, Clean and Dirty
– A Gain knob, setting the overall gain level
– On/Off switch for the included cabinet emulation, should the user want to use a different cabinet IR
– Built-in tuner

Simply connect their bass guitar, launch the plug-in, and start recording with a rock bass sound that just sounds right. No more hours lost to tweaking or option anxiety — the BassKnob STD handles the sound, allowing the user to focus on the song and the performance.

Music: "Driven" by Felipe Andreoli.
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