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One knob, three channels, and tone for days. Ampknob S_Zero 100 deep dive.

One knob, three channels, and tone for days. Ampknob S_Zero 100 deep dive.

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One knob, three channels, and tone for days. Ampknob S_Zero 100 deep dive.

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Join producer Jens Bogren for a walkthrough of the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 guitar amp plugin. Three channels featuring cleans, crunch, and heavy distortion all in an extremely easy to use package.

🎥 Metronome walkthrough:
🎥 IRDX Technology:

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 gives you a distraction-free path to boutique tube amp sound, providing world-class quality and a straightforward workflow.

Get high-end guitar amp tones with minimal effort, and stay focused on laying down great guitar parts and solos. Ampknob S_Zero 100 has been designed to sound great from the moment you launch the plugin.

Should you want to make any adjustments, the controls have been boiled down to a single knob and a switch. There’s a lot going on underneath the hood of Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 — all so you can simply plug in and rock out.

The original MLC S_Zero 100 is a three-channel monster amp with many possibilities. With the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin, we have captured the breadth of available sounds within the range of a single knob.

– Low Gain setting: This is Channel 1 of the original MLC S_Zero 100, which goes from clean and sparkly to a deep, three-dimensional overdrive.

– Mid Gain setting: Here’s where you’ll find the the tasty organic tube crunch of Channel 2.

– High Gain setting. You guessed it! Turn the Gain knob up high and you will expose the world to the fire-breathing yet dynamic Channel 3 of the original MLC S_Zero 100

Ampknob boost pedal
Need a boost? The Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin includes a pedal switch, activated with the push of a button on the plugin’s front panel.

The pedal tightens up the lowend and drives the input a bit harder.

Just like Bogren Digital’s other guitar amp sims, a standalone version is included with the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin.

The standalone version includes a tuner, a metronome, and a practical riff recorder, allowing you to capture ideas on the fly without opening your entire DAW.

The standalone version of Ampknob now comes with a built-in metronome for you to stay sharp at your guitar playing skills.

Change meter, accent, or set automatic speed increments so you can focus on practicing without even taking your hands off the guitar.

The excellent built-in tuner means you’re always ready to jam!

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 comes with two different speaker cabinets — Vintage and Modern — adding even more sonic options.

As with all Bogren Digital amp simulators, Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 has our proprietary IRDX technology built in. IRDX mimics the non-linear behavior that real-life guitar speakers exhibit, but which is invariably lost when capturing cabinet impulse responses.

You can load any IR into Ampknob MLC S_Zero, automatically enhancing it with IRDX technology.

Music written, performed, and engineered by Ralph Salati and Federico Ascari. Guitar solo by Roger Öjersson of Katatonia.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Ampknob vs full S_Zero 100 suite
0:59 Standalone overview – riff recorder, metronome
2:04 New cab and IR section overview
3:57 Main UI, three channels
4:59 Mix overview
6:35 Testing cleans, crunch and high gain
7:34 Modern cab vs vintage cab
8:11 Lead guitar tone
9:22 Clean tones
10:20 Why the S_Zero 100 amp is great
11:21 Main solo tone
12:28 DSP quality setting

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