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Audio Imperia Collection 2 Walkthrough | Native Instruments

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Audio Imperia Collection 2 Walkthrough | Native Instruments

Take a guided tour through the powerful, intuitive composition tools on offer from Audio Imperia.

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Final Cue
01:46 – Concept & Workflow
02:38 – Nucleus – The Orchestral Core
02:43 – Nucleus Brass: Trumpets & French Horns
03:18 – Nucleus Brass: Low Brass (Cimbassi + Bass Trombones + Tubas Ensemble)
03:40 – Nucleus Brass: Trumpets Legato
04:08 – Nucleus Brass: Trombones + Pitch Shifter Plugin
04:40 – Nucleus Strings: Full Ensemble Spiccato
05:41 – Photosynthesis: Trash Stab layer
06:33 – Nucleus Strings: Full Ensemble Tremolos
07:01 – Nucleus Choir: Staccatissimo Phrases (Syllables)
07:51 – Nucleus Percussion: Drum Kit
08:20 – Nucleus Percussion: Atonal Percussion
08:45 – Solo – Lyrical & Expressive Soloists
09:58 – Klavier – Gravitas & Red Planet Pianos
10:55 – Artifact Reanimate – Modern Trailer Sound Design & Percussion
11:08 – Artifact Reanimate Percussion: Percussion, Hits, Whoosh Hits
12:13 – Artifact Reanimate Tonal Elements: Fragments, Markers, Calls
12:13 – Artifact Reanimate: FX Engine
13:44 – Artifact Reanimate Signature Synths
14:08 – Artifact Reanimate: Recap
14:35 – Photosynthesis: Overview
15:06 – Photosynthesis Bass
15:26 – Photosynthesis Soundscapes & Noises
15:55 – Photosynthesis Rhythmic
16:14 – Photosynthesis Organic Unprocessed
16:35 – Photosynthesis: In Context
18:15 – Outro

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