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Arcade by Output: Introducing Transcend

Arcade by Output: Introducing Transcend

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Arcade by Output: Introducing Transcend

Transcend brings the sounds of trance music to Arcade. Let the euphoric melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and pulsating energy of progressive trance, goa trance, and psytrance elevate your productions beyond the ordinary. Unlock your creativity as you explore and shape meticulously crafted sounds and textures, embarking on a sonic exploration of the metaphysical.

Samplers & Instruments Featured:

00:00 Rubidium Raindrops
00:10 Anthemic Supersaw
00:15 Pins and Needles
00:17 Edge of the Universe
00:24 End Stage
00:20 Divine Organ
00:30 Cobalt Comets
00:37 Wandering Stars
00:44 Makalu
00:56 Close

Transcend is a new Line within Arcade—a plugin that features loops, Samplers, Instruments and effects—with creative ways to make them your own. From inspiring a beat to building a track, Arcade has everything you need to bring your sounds to the next level. New Lines, Samplers, and Instruments released regularly. Try Arcade FREE:

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