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Zodiac – Plugin overview & Track building

Video by BeatSkillz via YouTube
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Zodiac - Plugin overview & Track building

Arsiney from Arsiney Music, explains all the features of the Zodiac Plugin and Demonstrates how to make a track using the Zodiac.

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Zodiac is a virtual instrument with a collection of sounds inspired by New Age artists of the 80s and 90s like Enigma, DeepForest, Vangelis, Enya, and others.

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Lush Pads, Nature sounds, Lead Flutes, and other Orchestral and World Elements are bundled into one instrument to inspire you. All sounds are professionally produced and sampled and preset generated using our own synthesis and effects engine.

These are ready to play! Just go through the presets and you will be instantly inspired to make new music. Whether you make film soundtracks or pop music, this is a must-have collection for all artists and composers.

Our Extensive Synthesis engine adds another level of sound design available for the user to sculpt their own patches or edit the factory sounds.

A Huge Multi Fx engine and Arpeggiator further power the dream sound of this plugin.

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