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Xtressor Compressor! New Plugin

Video by Kiive Audio via YouTube
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Xtressor Compressor! New Plugin

Kiive Audio is proud to release the Xtressor:

Inspired by a modern classic compressor found in almost every studio, Xtressor is the new ultimate multitool of compressors! With each ratio acting as its own compressor, Xtessor gives you the versatility of numerous compressors in one plugin! From crushing drums, to taming harsh vocals, Xtressor has it all. Add punch to your mixes using British mode or play with your second & third order harmonics using TYPE mode. Xtressor will give you a mixing advantage with its multitude of compression and saturation options!

macOS / M1 Native: AAX, VST3, AU
Windows: AAX, VST3

0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Drum Bus
1:22 – Drum Presets
2:01 – Drums "British" Mode
2:36 – Mix Bus Preset 1
2:57 – Mix Bus Preset 2
3:18 – Mix Bus Preset 3
3:39 – Vocals
4:14 – Vocals "British" Mode
4:39 – Guitars
5:16 – Bass Guitar
5:48 – Percussion
6:19 – Synth

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