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X DynEQ Overview and Tutorial

X DynEQ Overview and Tutorial

Video by SSLvideos via YouTube
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X DynEQ Overview and Tutorial

SSL Product Specialist, Luke Aziz, demonstrates how to create space and movement in your mix with the new X-DynEQ plugin.

X-DynEQ builds upon the renowned X-EQ 2 plug-in and gives you a definitive tool for dynamic equalization during recording, mixing, and mastering. It draws upon SSL’s extensive legacy in EQ innovation developed over decades of designing analogue and digital consoles, making it our most advanced EQ plug-in to date.

2:02 – Overview
10:29 – Kick & Bass Demo
17:24 – Vocal Demo
26:41 – Master Bus

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Track: Stranger Amongst Friends
Artist: Valdis Stekelis, Drums played and recorded by Joe Montague, Produced by Edward Sokolowski

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