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Work/Life Balance, Backcasting, Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Career | Soundiron Podcast Ep #54

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Work/Life Balance, Backcasting, Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Career | Soundiron Podcast Ep #54

In this episode Nathan & Craig talk about reframing work/life balance, visiting Jason Graves, health backcasting,, Bruce Springsteen’s 50+ year run of rock n roll, Primal, and much more.

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Podcast notes:
* (0:00) Intro
* (0:58) Work/Life Balance is Impossible
* (9:05) Dr. Peter Attia & Health Backcasting
* (11:58) Visiting Jason Graves studio
* (18:18)
* (22:47) Bruce Springsteen
* (25:11) First guitar?
* (27:00) Springsteen continued
* (35:00) Recommendations

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