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Walkthrough: Axe Machina

Video by Soundiron via YouTube
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Walkthrough: Axe Machina

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In this video Craig Peters walks you through the sounds and features within our newest virtual guitar library, Axe Machina.

Intro — 0:00
What’s Included – 2:42
D.I. Preset – 3:07
Amped preset – 3:56
Articulation Playthrough – 4:34
User Interface – 5:46
Slot System – 8:30
Pick Direction – 8:53
Slot System In Action – 9:47
Play Modes – 10:13
Strum Mode – 11:55
Pseudo Legato/Hammer Modes – 13:33
Dual Mode – 14:13
String Setup – 15:18
Slot Controls – 16:32
Sequencer – 17:02
FX Rack – 19:44
FX Articulations – 21:59
Thanks for watching and subscribe! – 22:48

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