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@ujamInstruments presents: New Synths Bundle

@ujamInstruments presents: New Synths Bundle

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@ujamInstruments presents: New Synths Bundle

The New Synths Bundle from UJAM introduces a collection of three Usynths that cater to a wide range of musical styles and vibes. Here’s an overview of what each synth offers:

Release Date: Available Now
TURBO-XT brings the iconic "Rompler" sounds from the late 80s and 90s to your music production toolkit. Emulating the legendary sounds of instruments like the Korg M1, Roland JV series, and E-mu Proteus, this synth is perfect for those seeking the signature tones that shaped numerous hits of that era. These sounds continue to be relevant across various music genres today.

Release Date: June 12th
FLUID is designed to provide users with a rich collection of melodic techno sounds and arpeggios. The synth offers a mix of wide textures, expansive ambiences, and a range of sounds from soft and smooth to hard and edgy. It’s a versatile tool suitable for genres such as rock, pop, deep house, techno, movie scores, and game soundtracks, ensuring a constant flow of fresh inspiration.

Release Date: June 26th
STRANGER is your go-to synth for creating beautiful retro synth music. It excels in adding warmth, saturation, and nostalgic touches to any musical idea. Whether you’re working on a song, a soundtrack, or any other musical project, STRANGER provides the perfect retro vibe.

With these three new Usynths, UJAM offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating music that spans various genres and eras, providing endless inspiration and creative possibilities.

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