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u-he CVilization Mode I: Musical demo (no talking)

u-he CVilization Mode I: Musical demo (no talking)

Video by u-he via YouTube
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u-he CVilization Mode I: Musical demo (no talking)

Here’s a jam featuring our CVilization module in Mode I (4 x 4 Matrix Mixer). We’re exploring the musical possibilities of the mysterious Matrix Rotation ( 4 different oscillator signals are routed through CVilization’s matrix and distributed to various other modules. CVilization now rotates its inputs and outputs, creating ever-changing mixes of these oscillator signals. CVilization’s sidekick Wiretap also joins the game with two of its outputs hooked up, creating some funky alternating envelopes.

modules in this patch:
u-he CVilization
u-he Wiretap
u-he Prototype Cascade Filter
ALM Pamela’s Workout
Mutable Instruments Links
Mutable Instruments Plaids
Mutable Instruments Shades
Happy Nerding FX Aid
Happy Nerding MMM VCF
Intellijel µScale
Intellijel Dubmix
AJH Synths Next Phase
Dave Smith Instruments Curtis Filter
Xaoc Instruments Batumi
Xaoc Instruments Tallinn
Tiptop Audio Z8000
Instruo tòna
Make Noise Mimeophon

00:00 – Patch overview
02:44 – Jam

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