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Turn One Vocal Into Vocoder Choir With Manipulator

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Turn One Vocal Into Vocoder Choir With Manipulator

Learn how to make one vocal into a choir effect by layering vocals with Manipulator for thick vocoder backing vocals. With multiple layers of the same voice, you can add Manipulator to change the pitch and formant of each to create an easy choir effect with vocoded vocals.

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Polyverse Music is a “by musicians, for musicians” company that creates uniquely powerful tools and instruments for artists on the cutting edge of creativity.

Founded in 2015, Polyverse has continually set the bar in terms of plugin innovation, vision, and user experience. Every person on the Polyverse team is a forward-thinking musician with extensive knowledge and experience with music, sound, synthesizers, and technology. In each new step, Polyverse continues to push the boundary of possibilities with digital musical instruments and effects.

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