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TSB (J Hus, Headie One, Stormzy) builds an atmospheric trap beat with KOMPLETE | Native Instruments

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TSB (J Hus, Headie One, Stormzy) builds an atmospheric trap beat with KOMPLETE | Native Instruments

Watch as UK producer TSB (J Hus, Headie One, Stormzy, Dave) builds an atmospheric trap beat from scratch with BATTERY, MASSIVE X, and the KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 Keyboard.

TSB starts by building a sinister drum groove with the “Blew Kit” from BATTERY. Then he adds chords with LO-FI GLOW and introduces a second textured melody using the “Indie Carpet” preset.

With the foundational elements in place, TSB sources a commanding kick and snare from BATTERY and continues the layering process with unique bass sounds, textured sprinkles of percussion, and an atmospheric lead line – all expertly sculpted in MASSIVE X.

To finish the beat, TSB adds a counter melody and supporting layers with HYBRID KEYS and wraps it all up with a cosmic dose of RAUM for additional atmospherics.


00:00 – Intro
01:36 – Building a drum groove with the “Blew Kit” from BATTERY
03:11 – Adding chords with LO-FI GLOW
03:45 – Layering with a melody based on the “Indie Carpet” preset
04:15 – Recording the snare drum and kick into BATTERY
05:37 – Adding bass sounds with MASSIVE X
06:33 – Layering “All Luck” and “Subpop” from MASSIVE X for a unique bass sound
07:47 – Sprinkles of percussive and textured sounds from MASSIVE X
08:16 – Adding a spheric lead line with “Ballet Mansion” in MASSIVE X
08:56 – Using BATTERY with multi-output tracks
09:47 – Adding a counter melody with HYBRID KEYS
10:36 – Adding more layers with HYBRID KEYS
11:01 – Adding reverb with RAUM
12:43 – Outro

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