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Track Breakdown | Analog Lab – Analog Voyage

Track Breakdown | Analog Lab - Analog Voyage

Video by Arturia via YouTube
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Track Breakdown | Analog Lab - Analog Voyage

Follow Lena as she deconstructs a dark, atmospheric composition by New Loops, created with the sounds of Analog Voyage. Combining early trance influences with raw analog soundscapes we get an insight into the sweeping pad, arpeggiated lead and pulsating bass sounds that bring the track to life. Available for free in #AnalogLab & #AnalogLabPlay.

00:00 Intro
00:28 What’s it all about
00:38 Track Breakdown
01:40 Post-apocalypse
03:12 Binary
04:33 Issues
05:55 Outro

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Presenter: Lena

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