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The Sound Design of Arcade’s Transcend | Behind the Line

The Sound Design of Arcade's Transcend | Behind the Line

Video by Output via YouTube
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The Sound Design of Arcade's Transcend | Behind the Line

Transcend is the new trance Line within Arcade. Euphoric melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and the pulsating energy of progressive trance, goa trance, and psytrance are now part of the Output Arcade library. In this video, we spoke with Output’s sound designer Ben T. about his approach to crafting the booming drums, pulsing basslines, moving pads, and intricate vocal chops that are part of the Transcend Line. He demonstrates how some sounds featured in the Line launch video were deeply spliced and edited, while others start with simple source layers and utilize the Arcade engine to create the magic.

Check out the Line launch video, featuring the track that Ben created:

Find the Transcend by searching for it within Arcade.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 Listen to the track
01:03 Drum Design
01:56 Bass Design
04:56 Arp Design
07:45 Vocal Design
11:14 Close

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