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The MPC Method For Finding New Hooks and Melodies

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The MPC Method For Finding New Hooks and Melodies

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Akai’s MPC sampler was designed to be a drum sampler, but hip-hop producers used it to chop up melodic samples too.

So the key is to save up and buy an expensive hardware sampler.

Just kidding!

But you can adopt the MPC mindset and use any drum sampler plugin to play melodies.

Chop a sample or melodic loop across pads, then replay the slices for new ideas.

Sample chopping obviously works great for sample-based hip-hop, but it can be used in any genre. Try bouncing your MIDI synths or live instruments to audio, then chopping and replaying sections – you’ll generate new ideas you’d never normally think to play.

DAW used in the video: Ableton Live 11

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