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The Beatles Varispeed Trick… With A Twist #shorts

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The Beatles Varispeed Trick… With A Twist #shorts

Here’s one of The Beatles’ most famous recording techniques, and how you can give it a modern twist.

Use this music production trick to make variations on existing sounds, or to give samples and synths a different texture.

Made famous by The Beatles and Les Paul, engineers would record to tape at a slower speed, then speed the tape back up, giving a unique repitching effect called varispeed.

Here’s one way to use the effect in modern beats.

Try pitching a sound up an octave. Then HalfTiming it back down.

Using HalfTime in this way gives you a different texture to DAW repitching, and gives you more options for rhythmic variations.

TIP: Change HalfTime’s Loop Length and Smooth controls for new rhythms.

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