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SSL X-Limit: Increase loudness while mixing your music

Video by SSLvideos via YouTube
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SSL  X-Limit: Increase loudness while mixing your music

Introducing X-Limit Plug-in from Solid State Logic.

X-Limit is a versatile audio limiting tool that allows artists, producers, and engineers to increase the loudness of tracks and busses quickly and effectively, without clipping or changing tonal balance. X-Limit can easily control peaks and tame unwanted transients, creating full and dynamic recordings – perfect for crafting loud mixes with subtlety and emotion.

In this video, Charles Hoffman from Sonicscopp gives you a quick overview of X-Limit’s key features and demonstratees how it can be used to increase the loudness of your tracks and busses.

X-Limit is another addition to the ever-growing SSL Complete subscription from only $14.99 p/month (Ts &Cs apply) or is available at a cost of $99 (ONLY $69 until August 28th).

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Find out more:

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Overview
02:00 X-Limit On Vocals
06:47 X-Limit On Drums
08:40 Volume Levels
09:15 X-Limit in the Master
11:46 LUFS
12:43 True Peak Mode
13.14 Presets

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