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Secunda – Stems Playthrough

Secunda - Stems Playthrough

Video by Wavelet Audio via YouTube
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Secunda - Stems Playthrough

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0:00 – The Last Ritual
0:30 – Training
0:52 – Eartheaters
1:10 – Augury
1:40 – Planet Of The Dark
1:58 – For The Emperor
2:19 – Desert’s Awakening
2:39 – Usurper
3:12 – Blade Dancer
3:30 – Rise Of The Sands

Introducing "Secunda", a massive toolkit for Kontakt Player based on the mysticism of throat singing that dives into the foggy veil of distant realms. Graced by the presence of the Emperor’s army, "Secunda" is saturated with the raw, pure power of the human voice. It invites you to dive into a vast palette of throat singing, rich in organic textures, ancient vocal harmonics, and massive sonic storytelling instruments.

Wavelet’s Audio Secunda is the perfect instrument for adding depth, crunch, and haunting resonance to any type of sound project – soundtracks, film scores, trailer music, folk music, electronic music, and more. In addition to every facet of throat singing, Secunda also offers a huge amount of organic, modern sound design based directly on the sound of throat singing.

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