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Same Scene, Different Score │ AVANT: Modern Keys │ Heavyocity

Video by Heavyocity Media via YouTube
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Same Scene, Different Score │ AVANT: Modern Keys │ Heavyocity

We’re back with another episode of Same Scene, Different Score. This time, our own Luis D’Elias has a brand new take on the scene from Mayar AlNouri’s short film, “Signals”. Luis creates a score that is part film noir and part soft rock using our newest instrument, AVANT: Modern Keys. Developing a light motif using AVANT, Luis showcases how one instrument can become the avatar of a character in a scene.

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Video Contents
0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Luis’ Score
2:07 – The Softer Side of the Main Motif
4:52 – Chord Change for Emotional Moment
5:49 – Braams for Bass
6:24 – Subtle Change in the Motif
7:26 – Bring on the Backbeat
8:11 – Motif Comes to Life
9:50 – Creating a Suspenseful Pause
12:59 – Building Dynamics for the EPIC Moment
15:37 – Wrap Up
16:07 – AVANT is Available Now
16:13 – Subscribe!

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