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Reason 13: Sidechain, Gain, and Stereo Tool Walk-Through

Video by Reason Studios via YouTube
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Reason 13: Sidechain, Gain, and Stereo Tool Walk-Through

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Release date: June 18th 2024

Sidechain Tool, Gain Tool, and Stereo Tool β€”Β they’re all hyper-focused tools that specialize in specific tasks to help you arrive at your sound, faster. Sidechain is all about the pumping dynamic effects that have become standard sounds in EDM and trap beats. Gain Tool puts you in control over signal levels, stereo panning, and routing in one sleek package. Perfect for automation, auditioning, or using in a Combinator. Stereo Tool is a stereo widener specifically designed to make a simple signal sound bigger and wider. Perfect for giving that old mono synth or vocal track new life.

In this walkthrough video, Ryan Harlin will show you the way simple controls on simple tools can bring a level of polish and complexity to your music and sound.

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