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Paul Koch on Developing a Wide Skillset, Bending the Rules | Soundiron Podcast EP #52

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Paul Koch on Developing a Wide Skillset, Bending the Rules | Soundiron Podcast EP #52

In this episode Craig & Nathan hang with Paul Koch – a film and television composer based in Los Angeles, CA. Paul has written music for a variety of genres, including horror, drama, action, documentary, and more. He is also one half of the neo-classical electronic duo MOONROCK. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation on getting started in the film composing industry, creating your own virtual instruments, music education and much more.

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Podcast notes:
* (0:00) Introducing Paul Koch
* (0:30) What was the role of music in early years?
* (2:37) Getting into Berklee
* (4:17) Starting film composing
* (6:11) Studio intern + composer’s assistant
* (10:50) On the job training
* (15:18) Good Ol’ Freda documentary
* (16:54) Lucky Seven TV show
* (19:33) Creating the sonic identity
* (20:40) Making your own Kontakt instruments
* (22:40) Swarmitron concept
* (26:33) 13 Cameras movie
* (30:39) Advice for finding a first opportunity
* (34:06) How do you start a new project?
* (34:22) Research for A Day to Die action movie
* (38:35) Favorite action movies you studied?
* (41:49) Get Back documentary
* (43:42) MOONROCK
* (45:47) What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused?
* (50:41) Personal project you’re excited about?
* (56:54) Typical day in the life?
* (1:00:58) Best advice you’ve been given?
* (1:04:30) Best recent purchase under $100?
* (1:06:14) TV show/podcast you’ve been enjoying?
* (1:08:31) Your goals for the next few years? What’s next?

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