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One Sample Challenge – Sound Design Snacks 55

Video by Kilohearts via YouTube
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One Sample Challenge – Sound Design Snacks 55

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It can be a fun exercise in sound design and processing to try and make all the sounds you need for a track out of a single, simple sample. Here we turn three words into five different instruments, and create a pretty bangtastic beat. If you’re ever stuck, and don’t know what direction to go in with your sound design, this kind of thing can get you out of a rut quickly, serving up sounds and ideas you’d miss in your usual workflow. Like here I made a kind of reverse-shimmer-reverb on the melody/chord part with downward pitch shifting to fill the frequency gap to the bass. Sounds kinda cool. And I discovered that a really bright convolution reverb can add the sizzle in a cymbal sound, if your source material is muffled.

Here are the patches, if you’re curious:


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