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Mosaic Pads – Demo Walkthrough │ Heavyocity

Video by Heavyocity Media via YouTube
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Mosaic Pads - Demo Walkthrough │ Heavyocity

Ranging from mellow to eerie, unnerving to gritty, Mosaic Pads provides compelling textures capable of creating your sonic story. Watch how our own Luis D’Elias utilizes Mosaic Pads to develop three distinct mood shifts and build dynamics in his colorful track “The Resolute.”

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Video Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Luis’ Track
2:40 – First Eerie Mood Using Layered Textures
3:55 – Tempo-synced Soundscapes
5:06 – Sounds That Evolve Across Time
5:47 – The Main Motif
7:32 – Super Synth Pad!
8:52 – The First Buildup
9:59 – The Second Mood
12:22 – Evolving Layers
13:36 – Building Up to the Big Moment
14:40 – Chords, Melodies & Percussion for Drama
17:34 – Padsta La Vista!
17:51 – Mosaic Pads Now Available!

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