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More guitar editing tricks in Melodyne

More guitar editing tricks in Melodyne

Video by Celemony via YouTube
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More guitar editing tricks in Melodyne

Want more tips for creative guitar editing in Melodyne? Here you go! In today’s video, Sensho uses the polyphonic editing capabilities (aka DNA) of Melodyne editor and Melodyne studio.

Need to fix individual notes in guitar chords? Melodyne’s unique polyphonic Copy and Replace function will solve the most complex repair challenges in your guitar recordings. Annoyed by squeaky frets? Sensho shows how to reduce fret noise on an acoustic guitar while maintaining a completely natural overall sound. Need more control over your funky guitar? Try shaping the envelopes of each note with Melodyne. Or have fun with some more envelope shaping on a plucked single-note guitar. Ever wished the guitarist had used less (or more) of the wah-wah pedal during the recording? No problem: learn how to reduce or increase this effect after the fact. There’s so much Melodyne can offer to your creativity.

Guitarists and producers alike: enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:09 Fixing individual notes in chords
1:49 Reducing fret noise
4:49 Envelope shaping: funk guitar
6:23 More envelope shaping: single-note guitar
6:54 Treating a wah-wah effect in Melodyne

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