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Modulate This! Episode 3: MIDI/CV. In depth tutorial

Modulate This! Episode 3: MIDI/CV. In depth tutorial

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Modulate This! Episode 3: MIDI/CV. In depth tutorial

Dive into the captivating world of sound modulation with Psytrance and Synthesizer Wizard Adrenakrohm in the third episode of our eight-part series, "Modulate This!".

Today, Adrenakrohm introduces the MIDI/CV Modulator, perhaps the most flexible modulator on Filterverse.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights that will elevate your sound design to new heights. Join us as we explore the possibilities of the Meta Knob and how it can transform your musical creations.

Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. It seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and sets a new benchmark for filters.

From the classic to the exotic, Filterverse opens a portal to previously unimagined possibilities. Whether you know exactly what you want to hear, or aim to discover an entirely new sound, Filterverse makes dialing it in easy and inspiring.

Begin your journey of exploration of sonic dimensions beyond imagination. Enter the Filterverse.

Buy the beta now, and get the final version at no extra cost!

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Polyverse Music is a “by musicians, for musicians” company that creates uniquely powerful tools and instruments for artists on the cutting edge of creativity.

Founded in 2015, Polyverse has continually set the bar in terms of plugin innovation, vision, and user experience. Every person on the Polyverse team is a forward-thinking musician with extensive knowledge and experience with music, sound, synthesizers, and technology. In each new step, Polyverse continues to push the boundary of possibilities with digital musical instruments and effects.

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