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Mix voice-overs within 10 seconds

Author: Audified Crew
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Using our amazing TNT Voice Executor, you may get a professional sound on your recorded voices very quickly. The plug-in will save you tons of time and frustration. Let your creativity flow with no technicalities! See how to do it.

Mix voice-overs within 10 seconds

10 second operation

  • Once you insert the plugin in your vocal track:
  • Dial the input knob to get a signal level that is appropriate (neither low, nor red)
  • Find a suitable preset for your material – according to the interpret’s voice
  • Use the output button to compensate if needed. (Don’t forget to keep an eye on the gain reduction meter as you find the sweet spot)
  • Dial the drive knob to taste and voila! Job done.

TNT Voice Executor

We designed the plug-in for youtubers, podcasters or broadcast professionals. The people that need to work fast, get the processing with quality results and at the same time with minimal technical input TNT Voice Executor is based on carefully crafted fixed presets. It contains the following components: gate, high pass filter, compressor, EQ, distortion, stereo, delay and limiter. Get more info about the plug-in and the 30 days trial version here.

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