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Melodyne • Making Sounds Sit in the Mix – Pt 2

Video by Celemony via YouTube
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Melodyne • Making Sounds Sit in the Mix - Pt 2

In this video, Rich discusses using the Sound Editor in Melodyne studio to help sounds sit within a mix. First, he gives an overview of the parameters available in the Sound Editor. He goes on to demonstrate the Emphasis slider and how it affects an acoustic guitar track. Rich illustrates how Note Assignment Mode can be used to fine-tune note separation if necessary. He then uses the Emphasis slider to alter the sound characteristic of the notes. Here he mentions the Melodyne quick keys to get fine control and reset any Sound Editor parameter. He also shows how to bypass the Sound Editor and adjust the output gain. Next, Rich displays the power of the Dynamics slider. Finally, he goes on to show how useful this can be to shape sounds into other processors like compressors.

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