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Melodyne essential • Pitch correction basics

Melodyne essential • Pitch correction basics

Video by Celemony via YouTube
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Melodyne essential • Pitch correction basics

In this video, Rich covers all the basic editing techniques you can perform with Melodyne essential (and then, of course, with the larger Melodyne editions as well). Using a beautiful, very bluesy and soulful vocal performance as an example, he also discusses how far good editing may go and when – sometimes – less is more.

Rich is using Pro Tools here, but the workflow and functionality demonstrated would be exactly the same in any other ARA-equipped DAW.

00:00 Intro
00:24 Reading note values and pitch offsets
01:14 Fast corrections with double-click
01:46 How to evaluate your edits
02:45 Using the selective Undo system
03:06 Gentle editing, preserving the emotion
03:43 Navigating the session/song
04:45 The fastet way of zooming/scrolling
05:39 Separating notes for finer control
06:44 Helpful sliders in Note Assignment mode
08:24 Fastest workflow: key commands
08:58 Tips for natural results
10:54 Adjusting timing and phrasing
12:10 Cleaning up the track

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