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Melodic Elements 01 – Matriarch | Analog Sequences – Loops & MIDIs

Video by ResonanceSoundCom via YouTube
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Melodic Elements 01 - Matriarch | Analog Sequences - Loops & MIDIs
Kicking it off with "Melodic Elements 01 – Matriarch" we’re delivering a truly unique product, comprised of 100 analog sequences (each in wet & dry version available!)

While we’re sure these will be taking you by storm, we did put in all the extra work to make this a most flexible sound collection to use: dry, wet, and the MIDI version of each loop is included. It is worth mentioning here that each wet loop has its own fascinating effect chain.

For the nerds of you, next to the obvious Moog Matriarch we fired up our Elektron Analog Heat, Sherman Filterbank, Chase Bliss Automatone/Dark World/Thermae, Erica Synths Fusion Box, Moog MF-108, and the well known Roland Space Echo RE-201 – all with the aim of delivering brilliant, professional and unique techno loops you’ve never heard before. This one’s analog heaven, showcasing without a doubt why analog was never gone and is more en vogue than ever.

As usual with Resonance Sound products, extra attention was paid to not only present you with something unique but at the same time a highly inspiring source of sounds. Whether you love using sounds as-is, or whether you prefer to change things around completely – it’s all in here. Are you ready to add that extra magic touch to your next tune?

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