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Mastering a Song Start to Finish with Emerson “Em” Mancini and Ozone 10

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Mastering a Song Start to Finish with Emerson “Em” Mancini and Ozone 10

Learn how to master a song start to finish with GRAMMY-winning mastering engineer Emerson “Em” Mancini and iZotope Ozone 10. Over his 14 year career at Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles, Em has mastered records for Lizzo, Portugal. The Man, Fitz and The Tantrums, Kendrick Lamar, Common, and more. Now watch him mix a song start to finish with the audio mastering tools in the new iZotope Ozone 10 plug-in, the industry’s most advanced mastering suite. Discover how to use the EQ, Vintage Compressor, Impact module, Maximizer, and Exciter, and learn how to use reference tracks and presets in Ozone to achieve a professional-sounding master.

Start watching from the beginning, or use the YouTube chapters on the video to explore a specific aspect of mastering you’re interested in.

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00:00 Intro
01:59 Working with digital plugins
03:20 Working with Kendrick Lamar
04:20 Winning a GRAMMY
05:31 Previous works: “CRY” by Jon Batiste
08:26 Mastering an album on one stereo track
08:44 Previous works: Kendrick Lamar’s Mister Morale & the Big Steppers
10:38 “The Coronation” by Seth Glier
11:08 Using the EQ in stereo and mid/side
11:47 Using the Vintage Compressor
12:28 Using the Impact module
12:46 Using the Dynamic multi-band compression for mastering
13:25 Using the Exciter
14:57 Using Magnify Soft Clip
16:57 Setting levels
17:48 Setting the Maximizer and Exciter
19:18 Using High-End EQ
19:55 Solo EQ Band
22:17 Adding sparkle to vocals
23:37 Controlling low end
25:27 Using Soft Clip to add loudness without losing fidelity
26:12 Object-based editing
27:20 Using Exciter to add brightness and presence
28:17 Adjusting volume levels in a specific section
29:38 Using Mid/Side EQ
30:48 Mastering transitions
34:04 Working backwards
35:10 Making track markers for CD or streaming
36:20 Training your ears

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