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LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Let your music shine

Video by ROLI via YouTube
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LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Let your music shine

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Here are the keys to unlock your creativity: LUMI Keys Studio Edition! Watch our latest, blockbuster film to experience the multi-sensory magic of this MPE keyboard.

Make melodies and chords your own with pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch built into every key. Spark new musical ideas with light-guided composition. Splash some jaw-dropping colors onto any stage or studio. Just add LUMI Keys.

There are almost endless possibilities to customize LUMI Keys to suite your setup and style too. Create your own custom color palettes, or expand your playing surface with up to 4 glowing keyboards. 

So let your music shine brighter than ever before with LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

Music and performance by Heen-Wah Wai


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