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LoFi Drifter by Yum Audio

LoFi Drifter by Yum Audio

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LoFi Drifter by Yum Audio

Discover LoFi – Drifter, our new plugin for authentic LoFi sound. Capture the essence of vintage audio with controlled volume modulations and three distinct modes. Perfect for adding character and texture to your tracks.

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• Authentic Lofi Feel with Analog-Modeled Volume Modulations
• Three Distinct Movement Generators: Ripple, Drift, Dropout
• Ripple Creates Rapid, Rhythmic Movements, Emulating Cassette and Vinyl
• Drift Delivers Fluid, Dreamy Volume Oscillations Over Time
• Dropout Introduces Random, Vintage Tape Volume Reductions
• Four Unique Modes Tailored for Each Movement Generator
• Advanced Stereo Algorithm: Expansive Movement in Drift and Ripple
• Analog-Modeled Noise, Adding Depth and Adapting to the Sound
• Real-Time Oscilloscope Gives Visual Insight into Tape Movement
BONUS: Comes with 73 Presets by the amazing artists such as Jacknife Lee, M-Phazes, Konrad OldMoney, Reuven Amiel, Christal Jerez and more.


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