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Krimh Drums – deep dive with producer Jens Bogren

Video by Bogren Digital via YouTube
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Krimh Drums - deep dive with producer Jens Bogren

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Join producer Jens Bogren in a super extensive deep dive into Krimh Drums to discuss every aspect of our latest Drum Library in collaboration with Kerim "Krimh "Krimh Lechner".

MIDI mapping video:

Krimh Drums is a next-level drum instrument created by a top-tier metal producer Jens Bogren in close collaboration with Kerim "Krimh" Lechner β€” a rising star among today’s generation of metal drummers who has lent his outstanding skills to acts such as Behemoth, Decapitated, DΓ₯Γ₯th, and Septicflesh.

Krimh Drums goes beyond what you expect from typical MIDI drum instruments. It includes built-in algorithms that help create realistic performances and avoid the dreaded "machinegun effect" and other giveaways of MIDI programmed drums:

– Automatic articulation enhancement for adding realism and human feel to performances
– Unique algorithm for natural-sounding tom fills
– Automatic double kick switching

The instrument contains built-in EQ, compressors, transient shaper, and saturation for ultimate tone shaping.

Music: "Earthborn" / "A Glaring Absence of Air" by Krimh
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0:00 Intro
0:14 Kit overview
0:41 Cymbals
1:18 Snares
2:14 Toms
3:01 Kicks
04:28 Anti-machinegun logic
05:39 Mixer – master channel
06:59 Parallel compressor
07:43 Master EQ and Tape
09:48 Parallel compressor in action
10:58 Reverb sends overview
12:00 Channel bleed
12:58 Kick channel and EQ insert
13:41 Compressor insert
15:12 Saturation insert
15:46 Transient insert
16:54 Link Toms button
17:26 OH channel
18:48 Pitch control
20:51 Trigger channels
23:16 Using pitch for phase
25:12 Envelope control
26:44 Mixer summary
27:17 Groove player
28:37 Benefits of snare ring
29:33 Exploring grooves
30:43 Mapping page
32:05 Velocity page
32:44 Auto double kick sensitivity
33:34 Summary

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