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Introducing 3 Sigma Audio SigmaVerb

Introducing 3 Sigma Audio SigmaVerb

Video by Joe Quick via Youtube
Introducing 3 Sigma Audio SigmaVerb

3 Sigma Audio is proud to present SigmaVerb! Mix-Ready Modern Reverb to take your productions to the next-level. Soaring Guitar Tones. Perfect Pop Vocals. Arena Drums. Whatever your needs, SigmaVerb can do it all.

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0:00- Intro
0:14- Guitar Solo
0:50- Tuff Guy Vox
1:26- Ambient Guitar
2:00- DJ Vox
2:34- Strings
3:10- Millennium Vox
3:56- Country Guitar
4:27- Country Vox
5:09- Clean Guitar
5:45- Barber Vox
6:15- Nylon Guitar
6:48- Choir Vox
7:18- Another Guitar Solo
8:01- Plugin Overview

Premium Interface-
Budget Interface-
Premium Vocal Mic-
Budget Vocal Mic-
Premium Inst Mic-
Budget Inst Mic-
Premium Monitors-
Budget Monitors-
Lav Wired Mic-
Lav Wireless Mic-
Camera Mic-
Guitar Cables-
Mic Cables-
Guitar Stand-

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