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How to Write a ‘True Detective’ Style Track│ AVANT in Action │ Heavyocity

Video by Heavyocity Media via YouTube
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How to Write a 'True Detective' Style Track│ AVANT in Action │ Heavyocity

A bold transformation of a classic electric piano and our very own Ari Winters is here to walk you through some of the beautiful, magical, and unique qualities of AVANT, as he breaks down his mysteriously uneasy demo, “Inside Out”. With one-of-a-kind sounds, captivating textures, and an intricate engine, check out how this instrument can provide something that is striking and transformative for your music creation.

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Video Contents
0:00 – Intro
2:42 – Inspired by a Rhythmic Preset
5:20 – A Pretty Melody Line
7:27 – It’s a Little Bit Off
8:47 – Magical Quality by Combining the Mark II with Texture
10:02 – Slow ARP Moves the Section Along
11:05 – Some Percussion
12:06 – Getting Big with Live Instruments
15:01 – Composing Tip: Don’t be Afraid to Pull Stuff Out
15:40 – Guitar Parts
16:27 – Ari’s Intimate Vocals
17:04 – The Drums
18:05 – Some Strings Layered In
19:47 – Wrap Up
20:27 – AVANT is Available Now
20:33 – Subscribe!

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