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How to Write a ‘Dune’-Style Track Using Vocalise 3 | Heavyocity

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How to Write a ‘Dune’-Style Track Using Vocalise 3 | Heavyocity

Get pulled into this otherworldly place as our own Ari Winters walks you through his dynamic track, ‘House of Id.’ Inspired by the approach Composer Hans Zimmer took in his Academy Award winning score from the 2021 film ‘Dune’, Ari anchors his cue in the human voice—pulling you into an ethereal mindset, building tension and showcasing the darker side of Vocalise 3.

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Video Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Ari’s Track
2:12 – Starting with Vocal Textures
3:00 – Panning to Make Space
4:50 – Synths as Supporting Weight
6:55 – Creating that BIG Impact
9:45 – Only Sparse Percussion
11:36 – Textures & Ambience for Movement
12:26 – Phrases to Create a Melody
13:57 – Wrap Up
14:19 – Vocalise 3 is Available Now
14:28 – Subscribe!

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