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How to Use Stratus 3D Reverb by Exponential Audio

Video by iZotope, Inc. via YouTube
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How to Use Stratus 3D Reverb by Exponential Audio

Learn how to create immersive surround environments with unrivaled clarity using Stratus 3D. With up to 24-channel support, over 1,700 surround presets, and intelligent multichannel reverb controls, use Stratus 3D to get just the right amount of depth and dimension in any post production job.

In this video, learn how to sculpt reverb tail to fit your track, use the Compare and Early buttons, and get creative with reverb to get a full, lush sound in your productions.

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Exploring the new interface
2:19 Sculpting reverb tail to fit your track
3:06 Using the Compare and Early buttons
4:38 Getting creative with reverb

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