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How to Use Everything in iZotope RX 10 for Music Creators

Video by iZotope, Inc. via YouTube
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How to Use Everything in iZotope RX 10 for Music Creators

Learn how to use all of the audio cleanup and background noise removal tools for music creators in the new RX 10 plug-in, the most intuitive and intelligent version we’ve ever made. Discover how to rebalance your music, remove background noise, remove amp hiss and buzzing, clean up sung vocals, fix audio clipping, and much more.

Whether you bought iZotope RX and haven’t opened it or you’ve only been using it for a short time and aren’t aware of all the features and functionality it has to offer, this tutorial is for you.

Follow along with your copy of iZotope RX:

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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Ways to Use iZotope RX
03:15 – First Time User Experience in RX
4:13 – Understanding the spectrogram
5:52 – Cleaning up sung vocals (noise, clicks, plosives, hum)
25:33 – How to repair clipping
29:16 – How to rebalance your music
34:07 – How to clean up guitar problems (squeaks, pick sounds, buzz)
47:22 – Removing bleed from a track
52:29 – Removing Wow and Flutter
56:56 – Outro

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