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How to Use Everything in iZotope Ozone 10 for Audio Mastering

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How to Use Everything in iZotope Ozone 10 for Audio Mastering

Learn how to use all of the audio mastering tools in the new iZotope Ozone 10 plug-in, the industry’s most advanced mastering suite. Discover how to use the new Master Assistant, explore the EQ, compression, saturation, and loudness modules, and learn how to use reference tracks and presets in Ozone to help you get a professional-sounding master.

Whether you bought Ozone and haven’t opened it yet, or you’re a long-time Ozone user, this mastering tutorial is for you. Start watching from the beginning, or use the YouTube chapters on the video to explore a specific product feature you’re interested in.

Follow along with your copy of iZotope Ozone:

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0:00 Intro
1:33 General Ozone overview
2:56 Ozone Master Assistant
4:56 Targets
6:30 Adding your own reference track
7:57 Tonal balance curve
10:52 Ozone tooltips
11:41 Width Match parameters
12:57 Dynamics Match parameters
16:13 Gain Match function
17:13 Audio in Master Assistant before/after
18:15 Modules
19:17 EQ module
25:33 Dynamic EQ module
27:23 Vintage EQ module
29:12 Match EQ module
34:02 Stabilizer module
39:18 Impact module
45:21 Dynamics multiband compressor module
49:35 Vintage compressor module
52:33 Vintage Limiter module
53:57 Loudness with Maximizer module
1:00:07 Magnify Soft Clip in Maximizer
1:03:33 Saturation with Vintage Tape module
1:06:39 Saturation with Exciter module
1:13:09 Stereo imaging with Ozone Imager
1:16:40 Recover Sides
1:18:42 Master Rebalance
1:21:39 Low End Focus
1:25:29 Spectral Shaper de-esser
1:28:17 I/O interface
1:35:33 Outro

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