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How to Quickly Clean Up Podcast Audio

Video by iZotope, Inc. via YouTube
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How to Quickly Clean Up Podcast Audio

Learn how to clean up a range of podcast audio issues with iZotope RX 10 Elements Repair Assistant plug-in, including papers rustling, open windows, fans, mouth noises, and more. Follow along as Joe from the @Guitar Nerds podcast shares a podcast audio example filled with clicks and noise resulting from interface issue. He then demonstrates how to quickly clean it up with all of the powerful modules included in the RX 10 Elements Repair Assistant plug-in.

Follow along with your copy of iZotope RX 10 Elements:

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Biggest issues in podcast audio
1:38 Audio example of background noise
2:06 iZotope RX Elements Repair Assistant
3:05 Outro

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