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How to Mix Background Vocals | Part 2

Video by iZotope, Inc. via YouTube
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How to Mix Background Vocals | Part 2

Learn how to mix studio-quality background vocals that support the main vocal in your production. Follow along as Brian Fisher shares audio cleanup and panning techniques, levels, and processing workflows to fit the harmonies in the mix using iZotope Vocal Doubler, Nectar, and Melodyne.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Tuning harmonies with Melodyne essential
3:37 Cleaning harmonies with iZotope RX
8:18 Mixing harmonies with panning and level
12:35 Corrective EQ and De-essing harmonies
14:13 Compressing vocal harmonies
16:51 Tonal EQ and saturation
21:04 Automation and send effects
26:17 Before and after level, panning and FX processing
27:30 Outro

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