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How to Master a Song in Logic Pro X with iZotope Ozone

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How to Master a Song in Logic Pro X with iZotope Ozone

Follow along as Chris Vandeviver from the channel Why Logic Pro Rules walks you through how to master a song in Logic Pro X using iZotope RX and iZotope Ozone. Start with learning how to import your track into Logic and create tops and tails, clean up your mix with RX using Logic Pro’s ARA, and go through the mastering process using Ozone’s Mastering Assistant, Dynamic EQ module, and more.

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Demo iZotope RX Free:

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Check out Why Logic Pro Rules YouTube Channel:

00:00 – Intro
1:19 – Importing the song into Logic
2:22 – Customizing the display
3:00 – Song preview
4:00 – Creating fades
6:14 – Using RX for corrective mastering
9:30 – Adding ambience with selection-based processing
13:58 – Getting Started with Ozone 9’s Mastering Assistant
15:46 – Before and After Master Assistant
16:23 – Viewing in Tonal Balance Control
18:00 – Compression adjustments with the Dynamics module
19:27 – Low end control with the Dynamic Equalizer module
20:16 – Controlling harshness
21:30 – Reducing bite from guitars
23:35 – Finishing touches with Vintage Limiter
24:44 – Final Before & After
25:13 – Outro


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