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How to make the sounds from Dorian Concept ‘Draft Culture’ with DRC

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How to make the sounds from Dorian Concept 'Draft Culture' with DRC

Today we present to you Mr MicroKORG himself; Oliver Thomas Johnson, AKA Dorian Concept. Since 2007 Dorian Concept has been building a solid and consistent music career, becoming one of the most vibrant and unique producers of his generation.

His passion for music began at an early age from learning classical piano, but the music he produces today is far from classical, free from the shackles of convention and conformity. As a teenager he started to experiment with all kinds of different instruments, genres, and of course electronic tech/gear. The 2000s saw the dawn of the affordable home studio, combined with the explosion of the internet and the ability to share your creations online. Now anyone could have a platform on which to showcase their work, and Oliver did just that.

Initially just having fun fooling around (musically!) in his bedroom and recording as he did, things began to change after he posted a series of videos practicing with MicroKORG.Then thanks in part to the emergence of a forefather of social media, the popular at the time, now somewhat of an internet relic MySpace, 2007 was when Oliver truly blew up online. With international recognition achieved, it wasn’t long before he released his debut album ‘When Planets Explode’, in 2009.

His production setup is minimal but lit: A MicroKORG and Ableton Live. Responsible for his big break, the microKORG continues to be his trademark. Dedication and devotion to his beloved Korg aside, his music production continues to evolve in other ways, switching up styles, genres and techniques to keep things fresh. In his latest single (‘Let It All Go’, 2022), we hear a departure from previous work with the introduction of new elements influencing the overall sound. Sampled manipulated voices, synthesizers, a lot of feedback and some freeform jazz vibes are just some of the sonic ingredients behind the recipe for his forthcoming album ‘What We Do For Other’, set to drop 28th October 2022 on Brainfeeder Records.

We’re going back to 2014 for today’s tutorial track as Lucas recreates the sounds from Dorian Concept – ‘Draft Culture’ with DRC.

‘Draft Culture’ is a track that encapsulates the quintessential aesthetic of the original Dorian Concept sound. Come join us for this sonic class and learn the concepts of its cultivation, from our resident sound design and synthesis master.

Download the Ableton project from this video:

00:00 Music Demo
00:47 Intro
01:10 Patch Construction
12:12 Music
13:03 Final

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