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How To Make Good EQ Decisions Without Expensive Gear

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How To Make Good EQ Decisions Without Expensive Gear

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One of the biggest problems that millions of producers face is a lack of trust in their monitors and the response they get in their studio spaces.

This is totally understandable! If you don’t have acoustic treatment, the way your speakers reproduce audio is going to sound unique in your room due to the echoes and reflections.

Many home studios have acoustic issues that cause boosts and dips across the frequency spectrum. When you’re mixing, you compensate for these issues so the mix sounds GREAT in your room, but awful everywhere else.

Even a mid-range investment of $5k+ in monitors and $2k+ in acoustic treatment is just not viable for the millions of super-talented home studio producers out there. So today, I want to share with you our solution to this problem that may be holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. (Without spending $$$ in gear).

0:00 Why It’s Hard
1:04 You Need A Sonic Target
3:27 How To Balance Your Mix
6:52 How To EQ Your Mix
9:42 Tonal Balance Matching
12:44 Room / Headphone Correction
13:31 Wrapping Up

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