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How to Hook an Audience with Arcade’s Arpeggiator | Music Production Tips with Onesto

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How to Hook an Audience with Arcade's Arpeggiator | Music Production Tips with Onesto

Arpeggiators add motion, interest and rhythm with the press of a key. In this video, Onesto demonstrates how using randomization in Arcade’s Arpeggiator can jumpstart inspiration. He dives into the tool’s unique “Add Sequence” feature, which allows you to string together patterns of different lengths and tempos into one loop, and shows you how to take finely-tuned arp patterns from other Instruments in Arcade and use them in your own kits.

00:00 Intro
00:08 1. Randomization = Inspiration
01:15 2. Adding Sequences
02:04 Try Arcade
02:11 3. Using Arp Patterns from Other Kits
03:18 Close

There are a million ways to be creative with Arcade—a plugin that features loops, Samplers, Instruments and effects—with unique ways to make them your own. From making a beat to building a track, Arcade has everything you need to bring your sounds to the next level.

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