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Get Cool With Hattricks 1

Video by diginoiz via YouTube
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Get Cool With Hattricks 1

Producers will hate us for revealing a simple trick allowing everybody to become cool instantly!

Just kidding! Watch the video for a tip on how to easily make a J Dilla type flammed rimshot with Hattricks. And enjoy the neo-soul vibe 😎πŸ₯

🎡 More Info:​​

Hattricks is a simple but innovative tool dedicated to efficient playing and programming quick rhythms typical for trap, r&b and hip hop hi-hats. It is a sampler and a sequencer with rhythm divisions assigned to keys. In practice, you upload or choose from attached huge library a sample of a hi-hat and by pressing keys you trigger short looped sequences of straight notes and triplets, which are due to their speed impossible to play by hand and laborious to click in with a mouse. Chosen hits and sequences can then be pitched up and down to create characteristic tuned hi-hat rolls. Hattricks also has a section with articulations dedicated for creating snare fills and you can use it with any type of samples you want to create fast rhythmic and melodic sequences

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