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From chime to shine | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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From chime to shine | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

Like the old English proverb goes “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”, and today we’re adopting this philosophy and metaphor into our own kind of audio equivalent. By taking a couple of samples of a tiny bell and planting them in our granular garden of sound design, we’re going to cultivate a much grander crop, thanks to our amazing sonic fertilizer FRMS – Granular Synthesizer.

Fortunately, we have a very experienced stereophonic farmer on hand in the form of Lucas, to ensure we get to enjoy a fruitful harvest of the highest quality sound design produce! Stepping away from the farming analogy comparison for a second, in essence what we are trying to achieve is taking something tiny, and turning it into something bigger and better, via the process of granular and FM sound design.

FRMS’ ability to combine both granular and FM synthesis methods means that you can record a sample of pretty much anything, and make it into something musical. The tiny priest’s bell we’ve chosen has at least a harmonic base for us to start from, but as you’ll discover in the video, it’s not all fair-weather granular gardening, as Lucas shows us how to handle some in-harmonic challenges along the way.

The idea behind these videos is not only to have fun making sounds from unlikely sources but to also hopefully plant the seeds of inspiration into your brain, for you to cultivate your very own granular synthesis sound design creations.

Let us know if you’ve tried any weird and wonderful sample sources, and maybe we’ll even try them in a future ‘FRMS From Scratch’ video.

00:00 Intro & Field Recording
00:31 Patch Design
13:48 Final Patch
14:22 End

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