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FREE Synth Bass – How to Write a Track Inspired by ‘Stranger Things’ | Heavyocity FOUNDATIONS

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FREE Synth Bass - How to Write a Track Inspired by 'Stranger Things' | Heavyocity FOUNDATIONS

Experience how the power and thump of this growling synth bass can convey a suspenseful storyline as our own Luis D’Elias takes you through his creepy track, “Hiding in the Light.” Inspired by the last season of ‘Stranger Things’, Luis utilizes FOUNDATIONS┃Synth Bass to develop an eerie and uneasy ambiance by building tension, driving rhythm, and creating movement in his cue.

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Mentions in this video:
FREE Cinematic Strings – How to Add Energy and Drive to Your Cue:


Video Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Luis’ Track
1:42 – Think ‘Arpeggio’
2:42 – Creepy Synth Mnemonic
3:36 – Piano, Strings, & Thump
3:56 – Big Bottom Synth
6:14 – Staccatos Enhance Arpeggio
6:48 – Building Tension
7:40 – Everything Comes Together
9:24 – Wrap Up
9:44 – FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass Available Now for FREE
9:49 – Subscribe!

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