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Flashback – Promo

Video by BeatSkillz via YouTube
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Flashback - Promo


Get the authentic & nostalgic sounds of Pop, Film, and TV from the era.
Deep Sampled and created from Real Synths (Digital & Analog).

Deep Sampling, Release Groups and Lots of Synthesis in this plugin let you make β€œdynamic” tracks full of Color! 200 + presets & arp patterns to get you started.

Get ready for Nostalgia with the authentic presets from Flashback.
Inspired by the top artists and composers of the 80s.

Beatskillz specializes in Retro style plugins, This is the genre we live for.

After the super success of our Retro Kz & Synthwave Kz plugins,
We bring you our new and advanced sample playback engine with deep maps, release samples, filters, envelopes, pitch effects, and a full effects section to tweak.

This is a very dynamic and expressive plugin.

Get this Plugin at a special intro offer:

AU AAX VST3 – WIN – MacOS Universal.

#flashback #synthwave #1980s #retrowave

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